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The University of Bath Developing New Campus Masterplan

Posted by Richard Ward

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The University of Bath has announced it will produce a new masterplan for the Claverton Down Campus, which focuses on further teaching and research facilities.

The current masterplan was drawn up in response to the council's 2007 Local Plan and Core Strategy and needs updating.

The university will work with the council, stakeholders and the wider community to develop a masterplan that will establish a "comprehensive vision for the enhancement and further development" of the campus.

The plan will look into the provision of teaching and research accommodation, support services, student accommodation, parking, sports facilities and green infrastructure.

The plan is being drawn up to ensure the long-term sustainability of the campus, while also considering the need for student accommodation.

Commenting on the new masterplan, professor Steve Egan, vice-president at the University of Bath, said: "The capacity of the campus to accommodate further development is very limited and ultimately finite."

"Therefore, the university is prioritising the provision of further teaching and research facilities on campus that are critical to the continued success of the University, and which must, for operational reasons, be co-located with the existing services and facilities."

"Nevertheless, the university is very aware of its responsibilities in respect of ensuring that its students are appropriately accommodated, and that is of course a fundamental element of the student experience that is critical to any university's continued success."

The new masterplan will help to inform the new Local Plan being developed by Bath and North East Somerset Council.