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Sunderland University’s Hong Kong Campus Deemed a Success

Posted by Richard Ward in

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A year after opening, Sunderland University has hailed their first International Campus in Hong Kong a success and are now making plans to create an Asian Hub.

The University's international reputation took a giant leap forward 12 months ago when it opened its Hong Kong campus in March 2017. The university is able to accommodate 1,000 students and is based in the heart of the Central district.

Those attending the institution are able to attain a globally recognised degree from a UK university, while those in the campus are encouraged to also broaden their own international footprint.

Commenting on the campus, vice-chancellor of the University of Sunderland Shirely Atkinson, said: "Since opening our Hong Kong Campus in March last year, our reputation as a provider of first-class higher education and globally recognised qualifications has expanded even further."

"Just by having a physical presence in such an economically important city, in such a vibrant part of the world, has raised our profile significantly."

"We are continuously developing new opportunities for our University community to benefit from our presence in Sunderland, London and now Hong Kong."

Looking ahead, the university is planning closer integration with the UK campuses, which would enable Hong Kong students to study for a term in either Sunderland or London. Within five years the institution plans to further expand its student base as it looks to develop the Hong Kong Campus as the Asian hub of the University of Sunderland.