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Oxford Student Union Working to Improve the Renting Experience

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Oxford Student Union is to collaborate with Marks Out Of Tenancy to help change the private rental experience for students and the wider market.

Marks Out Of Tenancy provides tenants the ability to rate and review their tenancy, providing a platform for reviews of the rental experience, which includes the landlord, letting agent, rental property and neighbourhood.

Commenting on the collaboration, Thomas Barringer, VP Charities and Community, Oxford Student Union, said: "Renting a house as a student in Oxford is difficult. This is often the first time students rent, and information comparing different letting agents, landlords and houses is hard to come by. With Marks Out Of Tenancy, students can have a better idea of where they're going to be calling home for the next year before they sign anything."

It's estimated that 28% of Oxford households living in private rent accommodation and the city council has recognised the platform as a valuable tool to enable positive change for renters in the city.