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Royal Holloway Students End University Occupation

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Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Students occupying the corridor outside the principal's office have ended their protest after demonstrating for nearly 120 hours.

Students at Royal Holloway were urging principal Paul Layzell to back strike action over the proposed changes to lecturers' pensions.

As part of a four-week strike, staff walked out in protest against plans put forward by University UK (UUK) to end the defined benefit of the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) pension.

Among their demands, students were urging Professor Layzell to issue an apology over his previously hard stance towards striking lecturers, as well as support future developments that could preserve the current pension scheme.

A letter later released by Royal Holloway said Mr Layzell apologised to staff and called for a review of the 2017 pension valuation.

He added: "I am grateful for the respectful way in which the strike action has been conducted and to colleagues for your commitment and support for the college which, at times, has seen you going above and beyond what we should normally expect of you."

"Royal Holloway's strong sense of community sets us apart and is, I believe, what enables us to achieve together as much as we do."

"I hope that UUK and UCU can, over the coming weeks, achieve a resolution so that we can all refocus our efforts on what we do best."