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Glasgow Residents Asked for Feedback on Student Flats

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Residents in Glasgow have been asked for their opinion on properties being rented out to multiple people, including purpose-built student accommodation.

A Licensing and Regulatory Committee set up to deal with houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) are considering whether to cap the number of licenses handed out across the city either to houses, flats, PBSA or hostels.

The committee is trying to determine whether the negative issues associated with multiple tenancy properties can be attributed to higher concentrations of HMOs, rather than tenanted properties.

Glasgow City Council were granted discretionary powers in 2012, to allow them to refuse to grant a HMO licence in areas considered to be over populated.

The council is now seeking views on whether they should use the power to stop residents having a negative impact on neighbourhoods throughout the city.

They are also keen to understand the impact that the growing number of purpose-built student accommodation blocks have on neighbourhoods.

The committee conducted a consultation and evidence gathering process in 2013 to help decide whether to adopt a policy of over provision but decided not to.