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Kent University to Review College System

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Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The University of Kent is to undertake a formal review of its college system following an open letter submitted on behalf of the college committees.

Vice Chancellor Professor Karen Cox has asked the Director of Student Services and Senior Master Dr Wayne Campbell to lead the review of the role of colleges at the University.

An external consultant has now been appointed to conduct focus groups, with College Committees being one of the first groups of students who will be asked to provide feedback.

When students join the University, they automatically become part of the college community that provides a support network, offering a range of services and social activities.

Each college consists of a committee made up of students who are nominated each year. Their responsibilities include arranging social events and playing a key role in student welfare.

Kent Union claim that: "The college system is a valued part of the student experience at Kent; whilst College Committees are an integral part of Kent Union and an example of partnership working between elected students, Kent Union and College Masters."

Once the review has been completed and recommendations made, Kent Union will be involved in working alongside college committees to deliver any proposed changes and to enhance the student experience.