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Developers Look to Meet Student Demand in Cork

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Property developers are looking to build more purpose-built student accommodation as they look to meet student demand in Cork.

A larger proportion of the several thousand students enrolling annually at Cork's third-level colleges in the next decade are expected to be accommodated by PBSA, with developers responding with a raft of new projects.

However, the number of schemes and their location are causing concerns. A number of new projects have been granted in what Cork City Council member John Buttimer describes as a corridor from South Main St in the city centre to the lower gates of UCC at Western Road.

One development received planning last year on a former packaging plant site right next to Cork Institute of Technology (CIT).

However, Mr Buttimer considers land nearer to CIT as more suitable than sites currently earmarked for developing into PBSA.

In response Cork City Hall officials have been investigating current and future supply and demand and while their plan does not designate any specific sites it could allow for more controlled delivery of accommodation.

Officials are proposing a wording in the Cork City Development Plan 2015-2021, which recognises the local authority's obligations in support of the National Student Accommodation Strategy published last year.

This policy might make it harder to provide PBSA in areas outside the immediate area in which colleges are located.