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Portsmouth University Seals Partnership With Football Club

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Portsmouth Football Club is to advertise the University of Portsmouth on its team shirt later this month. Former Disney boss Michael Eisner, owner of the club says he wants to use the emotional connection the team has with people in the city to influence and improve levels of education.

The prosperity of the city and the ability to attract investment and better jobs is dependent on improving levels of education and the owner sees it as part of the club's duty to support this.

Mr Eisner said: "The club is so intertwined with the life of the city, more than most clubs. The health of the city is the health of the club."

Vice-chancellor for the university, Professor Graham Galbraith, said the deal offers the chance to connect communities that other access schemes were never going to reach. In particular, white working-class boys are the group least likely to attend university but are seen as the backbone of the club's support.

Prof Galbraith added it was important to show that university is within reach, with every youngster in a Pompey shirt wearing the name of the university.

The partnership is also expected to bring benefits to the football club, with Mr Eisner pointing out there will be a synergy with the university's sports science department, which could help the team's training.

There will also be discounted tickets available to university's students, which could help widen the club's support.