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Newcastle University Reports Increase in Plagiarism

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

There are increased fears that students at Newcastle University are buying their degrees by paying strangers to do their work for them.

The Annual Report on Student Casework reported that plagiarism investigations almost doubled last year. The report stated: "The Student Progress Service believe that may be due to the complexity of the cases along with an increase in allegation of students using 'purchasing websites' to purchase essays which are difficult to investigate."

Essays can be purchased online for as little as £20, with one anonymous provider of such work suggesting most customers are foreign students struggling with the language barrier. Although they insist they only offer learning materials, other websites blatantly flaunt that customers can't be caught if work is submitted as their own.

However, university bosses have insisted those caught cheating will face tough repercussions.

A spokesman for Newcastle University said: "It is absolutely unacceptable to submit work that has been produced by an essay purchasing website."

"Any student found to have done so would be referred to a Student Disciplinary Committee which would consider the appropriate sanction."

Last year the Government also announced plans to crackdown on 'essay mill' websites. However, Newcastle University did admit it was difficult to prove a student had used one of these websites.