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Plans Submitted for 63-bed Bath Scheme

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Plans have been submitted which could result in the construction of 63 student bedrooms in Bath.

Proposals have been put together for the structure in Jews Lane, which could also result in a "flexible employment" building being created that could double the number of existing jobs on the site.

The site is currently occupied by a commercial kitchen, offices and a storage facility, however the applicants noted that the site was highly accessible could be better utilised.

Documents submitted as part of the application stated: "This brownfield site is currently under-utilised and offers significant potential to make better use of scarce, centrally-located land whilst improving the visual qualities of the site and surrounding area."

"Our goal will be to ensure a complete integration of the scheme with local businesses and residents and this can be well and safely managed by carefully considered, and on the whole, passive security measures."

"By careful design, strong communications with local stakeholders and sympathetic student management, the scheme can be made a safe place in which to make a home and within an extremely safe environment."

The documents also suggest that a further 1,500 new student beds will be needed by 2020-21 and therefore by providing purpose-built student accommodation the need to covert houses into HMOs will be reduced.