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Women Earning Thousands Less Than Men Just One Year After Graduating

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Analysis of government figures by Manchester Evening News indicates that female graduates from Manchester's universities are earning thousands of pounds less than their male counterparts, even when they've studied the same subject at the same institution.

The study found that women graduated in Economics from the University of Manchester in 2013/14 were on average earning £2,000 a year less than men, just one year after finishing their course.

Meanwhile, despite being a field dominated by women, men who studied Nursing at the University of Salford were earning £2,000 a year more than women on average.

Although the analysis also found cases where women were earning more than men, it is far more common for the reverse to be true.

A spokesperson from the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said: "While our research shows pay gaps for graduates are smaller than non-graduates, it's concerning that women still earn less than men at the start of their career."

"Reducing the gender pay gap goes right back to the subjects girls and boys choose at school. Many girls are interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths subjects, but don't study them at university."