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University Launches Online Mental Health Support

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The University of Reading is launching a new online mental health support service for students.

Big White Hall is an online community for students feeling stressed, anxious, down or overwhelmed.

Students can get help and support from their peers by sharing thoughts and feeling in an anonymous environment, which is monitored by trained professionals.

Students at the University of Reading can sign up to the service for free and will also be granted access to self-help resources.

Selina Patankar-Owens, Head of Student Wellbeing Services, said: "Big White Wall is one of the many services on offer to support students' mental and physical wellbeing, and is a great resource if they're struggling with issues such as low mood, anxiety or stress, as they can access it in the evenings or at weekends when counselling services aren't available."

"Students can share their feelings anonymously and connect with people who are experiencing similar things, and it can be used on its own, while they're on the waiting list for University counselling services, or alongside professional treatment."

In addition to launching Big White Hall, the University is introducing improvements to its support for students' mental wellbeing.