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University Seeks Dual Nationality

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Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Imperial College London is planning a post-Brexit arrangement with a German university with the aim of keeping access to EU research funding for UK academics.

The partnership with the Technical University of Munich will create academic posts jointly recruited and shared by the two universities, in effect granting staff dual nationality.

The aim is for the two institutions to be eligible for EU research projects, regardless of where the academics are located, through the Technical University of Munich's access to EU funding.

Imperial College and the Technical University of Munich have worked on 21 EU funded research projects before.

The top recipients of EU research cash are all from the UK and include Oxford, Cambridge, University College London and Imperial College.

In its most recent funding round, Imperial College received £141m, but UK universities are worried that after Brexit they will not be able to join the next research round.

The UK government has already committed to underwriting any cash promised to UK universities from current EU research funding, which runs until 2020. However, post-Brexit, government has suggested it may need to pay a fee to have an associated member status, although terms are yet to be negotiated.