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University of Plymouth Considers Redundancies

Posted by Richard Ward

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The University of Plymouth is currently undergoing a consultation on around 45 redundancies due to a decline in student numbers.

The university has revealed that the number of students in Plymouth has dropped from 22,651 in 2012 to 21,203 in 2016, representing a fall of 6.4%.

Although figures for 2017 have not yet been released, it is expected there will have been a further fall and is it understood there is likely to be more declines for 2018. Therefore, the university is looking into job cuts.

The loss in students is directly impacting revenue for the university and consultations have already begun with about 45 staff expected to lose their jobs.

Figures reported by the University of Plymouth indicate that between 2002-2010 student numbers continued to grow but have since been in decline.

Between 2012-2017 the number of undergraduates in Plymouth dropped from 18,873 to 18,038, whilst postgraduate numbers declined from 3,778 to 3,165 during the same period.

The figures highlight the challenges universities face in staying relevant in an increasingly competitive market, as well as the potential difficulties accommodation providers may encounter in keeping occupancy rates at healthy levels.