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Residents Object to Vita’s Plans

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Plans to build 350 student flats in Brighton have been met with criticism from local residents.

Vita Student are looking to knock down the existing six-storey Enterprise Point building off Lewes Road, replacing it with a nine-storey block of student accommodation. The proposed development contains 350 studio flats for students, 20 affordable homes and offices on the ground floor.

The developer held a public consultation before the plans were lodged and, in its application, said that the vast majority of residents see the development as an improvement on the disused office block.

However, residents have begun submitting letters of objection along with ward councillor Dick Page.

Councillor Page said: "I must object in the strongest possible terms. In February a developer was canvassing us about approximately 87 student units on this site. Now it has grown to 350."

"This neighbourhood has an excess of HMOs already and purpose-built student blocks similarly contribute to an imbalance in the local population, with temporary residents who are more likely to cause late night noise and nuisance."

"To grant this massive addition in student numbers would clearly tell settled residents that the council does not care about their wellbeing, community or primary schools."

The Vita scheme is the latest in a series of student blocks to be proposed along Lewes Road. Other developments include the huge Preston Barracks project and as well the recently completed scheme at Vogue Gyratory.