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Portsmouth Vice-Chancellor Raises Concerns Over Brexit

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Portsmouth has expressed concerns about the future of the institution and the sector as a whole after Brexit.

With the withdrawal deadline fast approaching, VC Graham Galbraith believes both universities and the British economy will be worse off.

Mr Galbraith said: "I am keen to learn the arrangements around EU students. We have about 1,000 students from the EU who attend the university. This accounts for around five per cent of our population. If increased costs prohibit some students from studying at the university, this will affect our ability to offer some courses, especially at the postgraduate level, and our ability to provide the very best for all of our students."

In addition to concerns over the restrictions placed on foreign students studying in the UK, the vice-chancellor believes it could be detrimental to British students looking to study abroad.

Another issue is the impact funding changes could have on providing opportunities for students from less affluent families to study abroad.

Although the Department for Education recognises the concerns of universities, they are confident that Brexit will not result in a significant decline in students from the EU.