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RGU Reports Increase in Alumni Donations

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

In 2018 there has been a 130% increase in the number of alumni donating to students via the Robert Gordon University's Foundation.

The foundation has been able to use the funds to expand on a number of initiatives, by financing student scholarships, welfare services and art projects.

One of the projects to benefit from the funding is The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Hyle Henderson, RGU student president and Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme co-ordinator, said: "RGU Union's ability to provide the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is important because it gives students a highly valued and well recognised award, and in the process increases many of their core skills like confidence, teamwork, independence and dedication."

"The Duke of Edinburgh Award makes our students more employable and well-rounded people."

"We are grateful to the RGU Foundation for providing the student group with funding, for without the funding we would not be able to pay our licence fee and we would be unable to provide the Duke of Edinburgh Award."

The foundation will also support two access bursaries, which provides financial support to exceptional students, with the ability but not necessarily the means, to attend university.