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Godwin Developments Pushes Ahead With Derby Plans

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Godwin Developments is still pushing forward with trying to gain planning permission for new student accommodation in Agard Street, Derby.

Plans to build 77 student flats were refused last year but the developer is looking to submit a revised application for the site.

Documents submitted as part of the most recent application, said: "The proposed use is in keeping with this location. Furthermore, it is located within immediate proximity to a wide range of facilities and good transport links and will enhance the community balance."

"The amount of the development is compatible with the location in terms of densities of current and approved schemes, together with the availability of services, shops and public transport."

"The scale of the development compliments that of existing and emerging developments. Issues around over-dominance and over-shadowing have also been considered throughout the design process."

"The proposal will create welcome construction jobs and lead to increased spending at local businesses, helping preserve and create more jobs."

The site has been used as a commuter car park for almost 40 years and previously consisting of terrace houses.