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Union Calls for Action on Postgraduate Accommodation

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Cambridge University's Graduate Union (GU) has called upon the University to alleviate housing pressures faced by postgraduates at Cambridge.

A report published by GU says the University must talk to colleges to reduce rent, as well as build more purpose-built student accommodation.

The report highlights that while undergraduate housing has been a point of debate, postgraduate accommodation is often overlooked.

A NUS-Unipol survey found that the average weekly rent consumes more than half of most postgraduate grants.

The GU's report also criticises the decline in affordable rooms for postgraduates, highlighting the rise of studio rooms, which have doubled their stock in the UK since 2012-13. It specifically points to Girton College's Swirles Court, which offers only en-suite rooms.

The GU suggested the need for additional purpose-built student accommodation in defined areas that are within walking or cycling distance of teaching facilities.

A spokesperson for the Office of Intercollegiate Services, the body responsible for providing support to the University's 31 constituent colleges, said they "welcome the concerns raised in this report, and welcome the Graduate Union's input into how they could be addressed".