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Breakthrough research guaranteed from University of Reading for at least another two years

Posted by Matthew Goddard

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The award is in the form of an agreement between the funders of the research and the employees of the university that specialise in research fields within the UK. The agreement provides standards that employees can expect from the university and equally what the funders can expect from their investment. The award is reviewed every two years, with a peer review every four years, being a vital tool for monitoring and regulating the principle of the vitae Concordat to Support the Career Development of the Research.

The University of Reading was amongst the first ten universities to receive the HR excellence in research award when it was first introduced in 2010 and is one of only eight that has held the award since 2010. This shows the universities strive to nourish the next generation of researchers by providing a wide range of training and opportunities, that are available completely free, providing training on writing successful proposals to best practices in order to communicate your research effectively.

The peer review results seem to suggest that the university has a clear commitment to the principles outlined in the concordat and thus empowering the next generation of researchers.