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University of Birmingham Accommodation Denied Planning

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Plans to build student accommodation for more than 500 University of Birmingham students have been refused by councillors.

The final vote on the scheme was deferred after a council committee indicated it was opposed to the development. The plans were also met with hostility by Metchley Park Residents' Association who branded the plans "abhorrent".

A spokesperson for the University said: "We are of course disappointed with the decision taken by Birmingham City Council regarding our proposals for new student accommodation and car park on the existing Pritchatts Park site. We are now looking at a number of different ways forward, as we seek to ensure we have adequate high-quality accommodation for our students, and appropriate parking capacity for campus."

The University had previously stated that they believed the application was a positive one, for the University, its students and Birmingham as a whole.

There are concerns that the decision to reject the scheme will make it harder for students to find suitable accommodation.

The University of Birmingham is expecting to report a rise in student numbers over the next decade, increasing the need to be able to offer more accommodation at mid-range cost for new students entering the University.

As well as highlighting the need for varying levels of improvement work and a more diverse range of accommodation, the University also indicated a student housing crisis could arise if new plans are continually rejected.

The University added: "This will inevitably put further pressure on the provision of accommodation on campus and around the local area, as a greater number of students will require accommodation in purpose-built accommodation (both university and privately owned) for their first year and also the HMO market in subsequent years."