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Finnieston Dubbed as One of The Best Places to Live in Scotland

Posted by Richard Ward

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Despite being significantly smaller in size than Dundee, Finnieston was dubbed 'the hippest place in Britain' in 2016 and it is now also listed as a top destination to live.

The area has grown from c,6,900 people in 2014 to c.9,500 people in 2017.

Finnieston is near some of Glasgow's main attractions as well as five academic institutions.

As it stands expansion is primarily focused on purpose-built student accommodation. However, a local group has been campaigning for investment in permanent residences by means of social housing, to attract more families and couples.

A local councillor for Finnieston, said: "Finnieston is an excellent example - being home to a vibrant cafe and bar culture, as well as being part of Glasgow's thriving knowledge economy. This recognition comes as a result of decades of leadership - investing in growing our economy and investing in Glasgow's people. Finnieston has the added advantage of having five world-leading academic institutions within commuting distance, as well as some of the UK's premier music and events venues on its doorstep."

Another councillor said: "One of the best things about the area is the real mix of people in the local community, from long-standing residents to younger students and professionals, and it's also great to see more and more people choosing to raise families in the city centre and in Finnieston. I think it's an area that's only going to get more and more popular."

A spokesman for Glasgow City Council, commented: "The regeneration of Finnieston in recent years has been a remarkable success story for Glasgow, with the neighbourhood now one of the most vibrant in the city. Finnieston is not only a great destination for people looking to shop, eat, drink, or make a cultural visit, but is recognised nationally and internationally as a place transformed through investment by the public and private sectors."

"The attractions of areas like Finnieston are a part of why Glasgow is consistently listed in global tourist lists as a must-see city."