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Local Residents Launch Appeal to Stop Student Development

Posted by Matthew Goddard

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The agents have now submitted two planning applications with the later containing fewer flats, only 252 compared to the original 280, both of which have been rejected by city councillors. The agents have appealed this decision yet again, and that appeal is now in full swing.

The residents have a growing sense that this not only undermines their wishes but shows a complete disregard for local democratic processes or community voices, and are also disrespecting the Norwich city council planning committee.

Although there is this concern amongst residents, the planning inspector did not reject the proposed plans due to the scale and height being inappropriate or impact on Carlton Terrace. He simply indicated a concern with the relationship to the neighbouring buildings which has been addressed in the redesigned scheme. The concerns of the planning inspector have now been addressed, and this is the reason for the second appeal.