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New Innovation Centre Opening in Hull

Posted by Richard Ward

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Based at the University of Hull, a new £3.4m innovation centre has opened, which aims to tackle long-term flood risk across the Humber.

The Flood Resilience Innovation Centre will provide small and medium-sized businesses a place to work together and improve flood prevention.

Almost £2m of EU funding was secured to launch the new innovation centre in Hull.

Dr Maggie McGowan, director of research and innovation at the University of Hull, said: "By significantly reducing the Humber's long-term flood risk, our ambition is to mitigate against potential re-investment barriers for businesses and provide them with the confidence to further increase their financial investments and grow supply chains in the region, thus attracting future inward investment."

"In achieving this, we will promote the Humber region as a safe and geographically advantageous location for business growth, and produce exportable products and services around flood resilience."

The university's innovation centre will enable Humber-based SMEs to collaborate and develop solutions to tackle flood risk.