Nottingham Iconic Building Converted into Student Accommodation Has Locals in Dismay

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Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Locals have concerns as they have reported that it seems "every other building in Nottingham becomes student accommodation."

Other concerns are being raised over whether the building will be respected during and after the renovation process. The original features of this stunning building may be lost or damaged during or after the renovation by "seeing them knocked around too much."

There will be limited availability of parking for the students living in this residence, and those that do park will create an increased strain on the already dire traffic.

Scott Knowles, chief executive at East Midlands Chamber, said: "The student economy is worth an estimated £63 million a year to Nottingham so it's worth making sure there is a good supply of accommodation available, from bedrooms to self contained-flats."

The proposed plans are for 23 rooms, and it is; Therefore, a small development. Our data at StuRents indicates that in Nottingham, 56.7% of all planned student accommodation is for studio apartments.

This development wouldn't drastically change the proportion of studio flats within the Nottingham student rental market. However, if all the studio beds in the pipeline are delivered, it would lead to a 52.5.% increase in the number of studio apartments available to rent for students.