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Watkin Jones Building Bridges…. wait I Mean Houses.

Posted by Matthew Goddard

Image courtesy of Flickr, (View licence)

Watkins Jones, a large property developer, has just finished negotiating a deal that has pledged to deliver 1,800 build to let apartments by 2023 and of these eight proposed sights five already have planning permission with the other three expected to follow suit.

The giant currently has a development pipeline of over 9,000 properties that are expected to be built from 2019 and completed by 2023 across 30 locations.

Many of the proposed plans, of this 2.2 million pound deal, involve the building of student accommodation, with 556 apartments thus far being built specifically for students. Although these properties are still awaiting planning permission, the move could see 336 flats built in Woking with an additional 166 in Londons Sutton and another 90 in Belfast with a few more sites still being negotiated.

The Watkins Jones CEO Richard Simpson stating that "We are pleased to report another strong set of results, in-line with our expectations. The financial performance of the group continues to be underpinned by robust student accommodation development activity, and we are very encouraged by the increased contribution from the group's other operating divisions."

The company are still seeing investment from new investors such as DWS based near Wembley, and the majority of these investments are forward fund purchases of assets which are in line with Watkins Jones strategy and heritage being the types of investment they have sort after historically.