Students Evacuated as Kitchen Set Ablaze in Exeter

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Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Five fire crews rushed to the scene of a blaze that erupted from the fourth-floor kitchen of the cluster of student accommodation in Exeter university's accommodation block. The Northernhay House block is owned and managed by Unite Students, which is located right in the heart of Exeter, close to the University of Exeter Streatham campus and only around a 20-minute walk from their st Lukes campus.

Unite students is the largest provider of student accommodation in the UK, with the largest block of housing within the city. It took over two hours to put the blaze out, with the whole block of flats rushed to safety as officials struggled to evacuate students. Over five applications have been sent for investigation as the cause is still to be determined. However, the suspected reason for the blaze is said to be a pan left unattended with an extractor fan running.

The five crews wrestled with the fire for over two hours before finally emerging triumphant, and the blaze extinguished at around 2 pm yesterday.