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More Studios Coming to Leeds

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Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Plans for Commerce House are due to be presented to the council next week, which could see the site make way to a block of student accommodation equipped with a gym and cinema that is a cut above the rest.

The plans, proposed by Black Caviar Properties Ltd, would see 362 studio flats for the student populous of Leeds. This conversion follows a growing trend within the city, resulting in the rapid conversion of traditional commercial area into a residential district. This will change the residential landscape into one made up predominantly of students and private rentals, with the bulk of commercial entities migrating to the west of the city centre.

The shift in focus to develop new commercial offices around Wellington place allows for high rise student accommodation that is ideally located in terms of proximity to the university. The distance to the city centre is ideal given students affinity to alcohol and partying, the stumble home at 4 am a breeze allowing you a full four hours sleep before a lecture at 9 am.

The plans will be heard on Thursday, although the project is at the pre-application stage, with a number of changes possible before approval is granted.