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Student Initiative Faces an Uncertain Future

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

A student-led allotment faces being forced from its current site for the third time in six years after it was revealed the University of Sussex was exploring its development.

Meg Trump, a member of Roots, said: "The original ethos of the university was buildings within a landscape that would be inspiring and nurturing for the students that go there."

"It's almost like the allotment represents this ethos, but the university is completely going against this now."

The previous allotment was demolished to make way for 1,500 student beds and despite considerable work in maintaining the current site, a university spokesperson said: "As part of the approved campus master plan, we are in the early stages of exploratory work for the potential redevelopment of the West Slope of campus, including Park Village."

"If this proposed development receives planning permission and goes ahead, it will not be practical for the allotment to stay where it is."

The society dubbed Roots was established to encourage students to learn more about permaculture and growing their own food and as a way of escaping the stresses of academic life.

The university has suggested the allotment would not need to move for a couple of years and would help to establish a new plot.