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Oxford Reports Increase in Minority Students

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The latest admission figures from Oxford University show the institution recorded its highest ever proportion of places for ethnic minority students.

At 18% the figures show a widening of access but also highlight the level of competition in the sector. For undergraduate entry in autumn 2018, more places were taken by students from Singapore than from the north-east of England.

Oxford University recently announced plans to ensure a quarter of its UK students come from disadvantaged backgrounds by 2023 after it was accused of being socially exclusive.

The figures highlight the trend for Asian students being much more likely to get places than other minorities.

The 320 students from China and 206 from Singapore compare with 159 places for students from the north-east and 217 from Wales, in three-year figures for 2016-2018.

Competition in the market has seen the proportion of places going to UK students drop from around 82% four years ago to 78% this year. Of those students coming from overseas, the greatest number are from China and Singapore.

According to the university every student is chosen based on their academic ability and not because overseas students pay higher fees.