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88 Bed Block In Exeter Comes At The Cost Of A 300 Year Old Pub

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The former MOT servicing centre and Sorry Head pub have both closed and the site is set to be demolished to make way for a student accommodation block containing 88 beds. The development will be four storeys tall and have a range of shops and restaurants below the accommodation on the ground floor for all to enjoy.

The developer Urban Centric thinks that the development will provide "fresh and exciting" architecture, as well as offering new shops and restaurants as part of this multi-million-pound investment.

They went on to explain that they believed the influx of students would help the local economy, saying: "The introduction of students into the area will be beneficial, bringing their spending power to the adjacent Sidwell Street businesses, and the local community."

The closure of the pub was seen as incredibly emotional for some of the locals who had been frequent visitors for the past 30 years.