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Plymouth's Mayflower House in the Spotlight

Posted by Richard Ward

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

New plans have been submitted for Mayflower House in Plymouth that will result in the previous proposal being amended so it contains fewer student apartments in order to make way for a hotel.

Plymouth is already facing an oversupply in student accommodation, but this hasn't stopped developers seeking to add hundreds of more beds along with a 120-bed hotel.

Planning was originally granted in 2016 but has since expired and now a new application has dropped the idea of the site containing a shop, as well as reducing the number of student rooms by 32% in favour of building a hotel on the site.

If the hotel is granted approval it will join a raft of potential new hotels in the city.

The initial planning consent said: "The units of residential accommodation within the buildings shall only be occupied by students in full-time education, by a warden, by delegates attending university conferences or courses during vacation periods."

It added: "The proposed development has been designed for the specific use as student accommodation. It is not suited to other residential uses without substantial alterations given the limited internal space per unit."

With student numbers in decline, it is thought the PBSA market has reached saturation, resulting in a shift towards hotel developments.