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Could University Applications Take Place After A-level Results Day?

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Universities are considering whether they should shift the timetable of the admissions system so applications would take place after students receive their A-level results.

Universities UK has started a review into the admissions process that will look at whether it would be fairer to scrap the current system that is based on predicted grades.

The review will be chaired by the vice-chancellor of Ulster University, Paddy Nixon, and will draw upon best practice from across the UK.

Universities have come under pressure over the entry system, with criticism focused on universities that use unconditional offers, whereby students commit to a university place regardless of their exam results.

The report is due back next spring and will look again at the findings of an inquiry carried out under the Labour government.

Under the current system, universities make offers using the grades predicted by schools, but most of these predictions are incorrect. Therefore, there is a strong argument that students would make more informed choices if they could apply after they know their results.

According to the chief executive of Universities UK, Alistair Jarvis, the review will help to build greater levels of transparency, trust and public understanding in admissions practices.