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Surrey to Work Alongside Oxford in Developing Quantum Hub

Posted by Richard Ward

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The UK government has announced the creation of four new quantum technology hubs, with the University of Surrey due to work alongside the University of Oxford and partners on the Quantum Computing and Simulation Hub.

Led by the University of Oxford, the new hub will position the UK as the world leader in quantum computing and simulation.
It will gather leading quantum research teams across 17 universities into a collaboration with more than 25 national and international commercial, governmental and academic bodies.

The research will focus on developing hardware and software that will be needed for future quantum computers. It will also help create fundamental software techniques, algorithms, new applications and the means to verify the correct operation of any future computer.

Professor Ravi Silva, Director, Advanced Technology Institute and Head of Nano Electronics Centre, said: "This is an exciting opportunity to work collaboratively with talented colleagues, not only at the University of Oxford but across the country to finally come to grips with the immense potential of quantum computing."

Dr Eran Ginossar, Senior Lecturer at the Department of Physics and Advanced Technology Institute at the University of Surrey, added: "In recent years we developed a new approach for designing control for two-qubit entangling gates that will theoretically enhance the gate fidelity beyond the state of the art. We look forward to implementing and testing our methods with experimental partners at the University of Oxford."