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Cambridge Reports an Increase in State School Pupils

Posted by Richard Ward

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The proportion of state school pupils starting at the University of Cambridge this autumn will be the highest for decades.

Cambridge has been facing accusations of being socially exclusive, but this year introduced a scheme to ensure more places for poorer students.

As a result, 68% of students will be from state schools with one in four from "disadvantaged backgrounds".

Although the official admission figures for the 2019-20 academic year will not be published until 2020, the university says the proportion of state school students among its UK intake will be the highest since the 1980s.

In comparison, four years ago 62% of students were from state schools.

The change in admissions has seen Cambridge's intake move more in line with other Russell Group universities.

Dr Lucy, head of admissions, said: "It is deeply encouraging to see that our actions to provide educational opportunity for all those who have the potential to study here are paying off."

"She said the university wanted to "make our student population truly representative of the UK population"."

"This has included challenging false perceptions that put off applicants."