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Bournemouth Joins Forces with China

Posted by Richard Ward

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Bournemouth University has opened a Joint Research Centre of Advanced Materials with Northeastern University in Shenyang China.

The Research Centre will focus on creating new materials with large-scale applications in industrial manufacturing, and healthcare.

Bournemouth University's (UK) Vice Chancellor Professor John Vinney, attended the opening of the Joint Research Centre in China. He said, "It was a privilege to be in China at the launch of our Joint Research Centre, to further our research into advanced materials, benefitting from the expertise of key partners across the world. This work will help to solve real world problems, and I am sure the work of the centre will help to enrich society through its advancement."

The Research Centre, with four unique research themes; energy materials, healthcare, 2D materials technology, and materials for sustainable applications, will provide a dedicated space for collaboration between BU and NEU academic staff.

While in China, Professor Vinney also joined partners at Tianjin University of Technology (TUT) to help celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the institution. Professor Vinney gave a keynote speech at the Presidents' Forum on the mission of modern universities.