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Universities Minister Calls for Action Over Unfinished Accommodation

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The universities minister Chris Skidmore has called a summit to address the issue of unfinished student accommodation.

Student accommodation that has been unable to open in time for the new academic year has resulted in hundreds of undergraduates having to find last-minute temporary housing whilst newbuild projects are completed.

Now, Chris Skidmore is to meet representatives from private developers providing PBSA, as well as universities to address the situation.

Just some of those students affected by unfinished accommodation include those in Portsmouth and Bristol, whilst problems have also been reported in Lincoln, Swansea, Liverpool and Durham.

Commenting on the issue, the universities minister said: "Higher education providers are independent, but this situation is deeply concerning and we cannot allow this inadequacy to continue. The quality of accommodation can affect student welfare, which is why providers who fail to complete projects on time and provide adequate alternative provision need to be held accountable."

"I shall be calling together representatives from the private student accommodation sector and universities to ensure any impacts on student welfare are being taken seriously by all concerned."

How much can be done to improve the situation is unclear, as the university regulator, the Office for Students, does not possess powers to regulate private accommodation providers.