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Swansea Faces Additional HMO Licencing

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Swansea council is looking to renew and expand an additional HMO licensing scheme so that it covers a third ward.

The council is currently consulting on the proposal and unsurprisingly the Residential Landlords Association has voiced its opposition. Landlords in Swansea already have to pay for an annual Rent Smart Wales licence and the association argues that some may not be able to afford an additional licence fee.

Swansea council is considering whether to introduce a charge on landlords that fall into the scope of additional licensing of between £714-£1,020.

The RLA is concerned the levy is too high and could result in landlords having to cover the cost of obtaining a licence by passing it on to tenants via increased rents.

According to the council, 41% of HMOs in one ward were subject to complaints relating to poor waste management, and 38% were related to noise complaints.

However, the RLA suggests these figures are representative of a general inner-city area and there is insufficient need for a scheme. The association hopes the council abandons the proposals and instead use cross-departmental working and effective use of existing legislation to support tenants and landlords in maintaining tenancies and housing conditions.