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Cambridge College Facing Backlash After Proposed Rent Hikes

Posted by Sajni Shah in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Sidney Sussex College has revised initial plans to increase annual rentals until they are within 5% of the university median.

Following opposition from the college Student Union who stated that hikes would give rise to mental health and financial security concerns, plans to raise rents were dropped.

An open letter to the College Council was signed by 90 students stated "It is inexplicable that the same people who claim to have the best interests of their students at heart can hear the emotive testimonies about their current struggles and concerns for their wellbeing under proposed changes without considering that the rent charges are not in the best interests of the very students they are supposed to look after."

The letter also raised concerns about higher rents being a deterrent to students applying to the college.

The college Bursar stated "Sidney rents are amongst the lowest of all Cambridge colleges. There has been significant investment over recent years to refurbish student accommodation. Students, via their student union reps, have been consulted but have not put forward an alternative, other than resisting any increase,"

New plans will mean the students will be given the option to consider and accept or reject further increases.