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Bath Residents Claim the City is Being "Ruined"

Posted by Sajni Shah in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

A letter from Bath residents was published claiming suburbs are now a 'shabby student ghetto' and being 'ruined' by student housing.

The letter questioned if "a law been passed by Parliament stipulating that all new-builds in Bath (and other university cities, it seems) must be exclusively for students."

The letter outlined that areas such as Oldfield Park has been taken over by greedy landlords only letting properties to students and also highlighted the need for more affordable accommodation.

"We need to provide more - and more affordable - housing for young couples, families and local workers, many of whom are being forced out of Bath due to the lack of available or affordable housing."

The letter concludes:

"Of course, the universities have no interest in the problems which their increasing student intake causes for the rest of Bath, in terms of accommodation, traffic congestion, etc.

Ultimately, residents are suffering from the greed of universities, landlords and property companies, and the seeming inability or unwillingness of the council to say 'No, enough is enough' to any of them."