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MP Agrees University Accomodation Rents Should be Cancelled

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An online petition has been set up by student groups, along with rent strikes as accommodation providers are not waiving rents due on empty accommodation.

A local Labour MP stated: "If we are all in this together, then student accommodation providers have a responsibility to put public health, student safety and financial stability first."

"I will continue to lobby all major student accommodation providers, that have failed to offer this release so far, to take steps to support students and act in the interest of our community."

A student from Queen Mary University of London claimed that she still had to pay £2,500 to her accommodation provider, Sanctuary Students for her empty room.

Sanctuary Students explained that accommodation needs to remain open for international and national students who use Sanctuary Student accommodation as their "primary home" and went on to say: "While we realise our decision not to terminate contracts early will be disappointing, we have been informed by the universities minister that students will still be receiving their tuition fee and maintenance payments for term three as scheduled, whether or not campuses are closed, or learning has moved online."

"The Government has also outlined information encouraging tenants living in rented accommodation to pay their rent as normal, while accessing the new financial support packages it is offering if needed."