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Cambridge Leads the Way in Tracking Coronavirus

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The university is leading the coordination of COG-UK alongside the Wellcome Sanger Institute, one of the world's most advanced centres of genomes and data.

COG-UK is a national initiative put in place to sequence the shifting genetics of COVD-19 as fast as possible, helping to provide real-time data that can help map its spread and detect mutations.

The University and the Wellcome Sanger Institute will coordinate efforts across groups of experts in the UK to help analyse the genetic code of Covid-19 circulating in the UK.

It is hoped that this will give public health agencies and clinicians a unique, cutting-edge tool to combat the virus.

By analysing the virus genome, scientists can monitor changes in the virus at a national scale to further understand how the virus is spreading and whether different strains are emerging.

It is hoped that this will help guide future treatments and assist in monitoring the impact of interventions, ultimately improving the care of patients and bettering clinical outcomes.