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Still managing your tenancies in Excel? We can help!

Posted by John Gledhill in

If you're managing your tenancies in Excel, on paper, or using a mish-mash of IT solutions, now might be the perfect time to take a look at StuRents.

The StuRents Operations Platform integrates seamlessly with the StuRents Marketing Platform and allows your enquirers and tenants to find, view and book their perfect student home in just a few clicks. We've stripped away the complexity of managing enquiries, contracts, payments and deposit protection.

Because we know that it's hard right now being a small property manager or agent, we've removed our concurrent user caps from the Basic tier (which is free to use) and added team chat so you can keep in touch whilst working apart. We will also help you onboard your properties at no charge.

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For more information on how StuRents Operations can help you, visit or email