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Bournemouth Scheme Rejected

Posted by Richard Ward

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Plans to build hundreds of additional student bedrooms in Bournemouth have been rejected by the council.

Developer Stonehaven Holdings and Fortitudo had been looking to redevelop a site in the Lansdowne area, creating a 13-storey building. However, Bournemouth City Council criticised the scale and design, indicating that its justification was "not particularly compelling".

Under the plans, the building would have accommodated 408 units of student accommodation, with commercial use located on the ground floor.

Documents submitted as part of the application said: "The proposed scale and height of the replacement building will fit comfortably within the context of the existing high-rise development to the north of the site, which includes buildings that are significantly higher than the application proposal."

"Although the new building will be noticeably higher than the existing development to the south of the site, this is inevitable given that the development to the south side lies outside the designated Tall Buildings Area."

"By virtue of its height and high-quality design, the new building will provide a striking statement building, demarcating the southern edge and approach to the designated Tall Building Area from the town centre."

Although council planning officer Charles Raven suggested the principle of the development could be acceptable, it was deemed that the building would have been at odds with those surrounding the site.