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Portsmouth Scheme Granted Approval

Posted by Richard Ward in

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

Plans to build student accommodation in Portsmouth have been granted approval.

Consisting of a three-storey building in Warwick Crescent, the development will be built on the site of the demolished Mystery Pub. The scheme will include four five-bedroom apartments and one six-bed apartment. It will also come equipped with storage for 26 bikes, but no car parking will be provided.

The proposals were met with criticism due to the size of the build and the lack of parking.

Agent for the applicant, PDP Architecture, said: "The proposed building is a similar height, scale and massing and design to that of the (previous) planning application, which itself is based on the scale and massing of the Mystery public house."

"In some areas the design is actually smaller than the approved scheme."

According to councillors, there were no grounds to refuse the plans.

Cllr Lee Hunt said: "Unfortunately if we wanted to throw this application out the facts is this was a pub before and this building is almost the same size as the pub."

"We have also got that we granted permission for a very similar sized building."