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Universities Report Hundreds of Covid-19 Cases

Posted by Richard Ward

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

There have been 525 confirmed cases of Covid-19 within the communities of the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex.

This represents an increase of 117 compared to the previous week.

On an institutional basis, the University of Brighton reported a rise of 56 between October 19 and October 25, taking the total to 167 since September 28.

In comparison, at the University of Sussex, 61 additional coronavirus cases were confirmed between October 19 and October 22.

This takes the university's total number of open and closed cases of coronavirus recorded through its reporting form or through confirmation from Public Health England to 358 since September 21.

This figure is made up of 241 students on campus, 113 students off-campus and four staff members off-campus.