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Students Barred from University for Breaking Covid Rules

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Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

A small group of students at the University of Exeter have been banned from campus and sent home for breaching Covid-19 regulations.

The university suspended the students for breaking the university's rules amid a rise in infections. Elsewhere, students have been fined following illegal parties.

Commenting on the fines, the National Union of Students (NUS) said: "Students have done everything they have been asked to do during this pandemic and have returned to university campuses in accordance with government advice."

"We have seen many instances of universities using draconian measures including obscene fines, locking fire doors, private security and guard dogs. This level of campus securitisation is not only wrong but highly ineffective. Students deserve better."

Meanwhile, 91 students at Manchester Metropolitan University have been given fines of £50, with written warnings provided to 37. In total 901 students tested positive between 14 September and 4 October, with 27% of all first-year students in self-isolation.

However, fines handed out by universities can vary greatly. At Northumbria University students can be told to pay £500 for flouting the rules and kicked out of university accommodation and their courses. At Liverpool University the maximum fine is £200, whilst the University of Reading have issued penalties of between £40-£400.

Commenting on the implementation of fines, a Department for Education spokesperson said: "Universities are responsible for setting their own discipline and behaviour policies. The majority of students are following the guidance thereby protecting themselves, their local communities and ensuring campuses can remain open. Any action taken by universities is separate to action that the police can take in response to the breaking of social distancing rules."