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PBSA Developments Could be Banned in Parts of Glasgow

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The public is being consulted on their views on plans to restrict the number of purpose-built student accommodation schemes being constructed in Glasgow.

Glasgow City Council has published new guidance for developers looking to build or redevelop buildings for use as student accommodation.

The aim is to ensure parts of the city don't become saturated with PBSA and that any future schemes benefit the community and surrounding area.

Under the new guidance, any proposals to build in South Partick/Yorkhill will be rejected, due to additional accommodation undermining residential amenity. Similarly, developers will not be able to build in Townhead.

Any other developments must show they will not undermine the character and amenity of the surrounding area, have good access to shops, services, healthcare and community facilities and not put pressure on local facilities.

The public has until January 22 to submit their views, at which point the council will lodge the revised guidance to the Scottish Government.