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Students Unhappy Over Rent Refunds

Posted by Richard Ward in ,

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

University offering students with a complete refund for their accommodation between January 4 to February 15, students are threatening to withhold rent.

Students are looking to hold a rent strike and are calling for a mass refund due to the fact they haven't been on campus thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The refund, which equates to 100% of rent between the specified dates, is being offered to those living in halls at Bay Campus, Beck House, Singleton Campus and HSV, who have been asked to stay at home and not return due to coronavirus restrictions.

However, students argue they have been treated as cash cows, paying for a service they cannot use. The group behind the rent strike have been looking for both the UK and Welsh Government to step in and support them during the crisis.

Commenting on the refund, a spokesperson for the university said: "We are pleased to announce Swansea University will offer a rent reduction to students in University Halls who have been asked to remain at home and not return to Swansea due to Covid restrictions."

"Eligible students will be asked to apply for a rent reduction from the period of 4th January to the 15th February 2021."

"We will keep this under review. We will be communicating full details to students soon."