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Cardiff Scheme Seeks a Change of Use

Posted by Richard Ward

Image courtesy of Flickr, Creative Commons

The developers behind the Howard Gardens block of PBSA in Cardiff are seeking permission to change its use due to a lack of demand.

The temporary change of use from student to serviced accommodation is being sought due to reduced demand because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The move is in line with a number of other blocks in the capital that have requested permission for a chance of use in recent years.

According to developers, the coronavirus outbreak has had a "significant impact" on student housing. However, councillor Owen Llewellyn Jones described the move as extremely frustrating but predictable.

In a letter submitted by DPP Planning on behalf of Crosslane Student Student Developments, they cited other schemes in the city such as Zenith, Eclipse, The Parade and others that have requested similar permission.

Under the plans, 250 units within the scheme will be made available as serviced accommodation, albeit students will remain the priority.

Whilst the pandemic has no doubt made conditions worse for providers, developments built before the arrival of Covid-19 had struggled to fill their beds, with too many PBSA beds being built relative to international student demand.